Marshmallow Mug Halloween Hats to Knit

I’ll admit that before I came upon this knitting pattern I didn’t know that marshmallow mugs were a thing, but apparently they are, and they are extra cute as a home decor item if you put little hats on them.

This set of Halloween hats for marshmallow mugs from Fox and Pine Stitches includes a ghost, candy corn, pumpkin and a little striped hat.

If you don’t have marshmallow mugs, these hats would be cute on any small decorative cups, as egg cozies (on real eggs or plastic Easter eggs) or just as cute little tiny decor for your Halloween festivities. I can see a little bunting made of hats used on a wreath or to decorate a little purchased haunted house. I’m sure you can come up with you own ideas.

You can grab the patterns for free from Fox and Pine Stitches.

[Photo: Fox and Pine Stitches.]


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