Modern Handmade Candy Online Class!

Whenever I think of edible crafts, my mind always finds it’s way back to handmade candy. The creativity that goes into making unique styles, colours and flavours is amazing. You can almost taste the passion from custom candy artists that goes into making it too. It just sits better than commercially produced stuff.

Everything from hard candies, caramels and marshmallows, to gum drops and chewy taffy, it all starts with sugar and water in a pot. Use this as a base and let your imagination and creativity run wild. Here’s an opportunity for everyone to learn at their own pace!

This brings me to Jami over at and her online tutorial class that teaches you multiple styles of homemade candy and the recipes to make it. Just watching the intro video shows me how passionate she is and the genuine love and care that goes into everything she makes. She really does make this look and sound so easy, yet for many it’s such a foreign concept. I really recommend and encourage you to check these out if you’re a budding candy maker. also offers many different subscription based online tutorials for all things craft. Feel free to browse the site and maybe learn a new thing or two!


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