Needle Felted Sugar Plum Fairy!

How To Make A Needle Felted Sugar Plum Fairy Doll

Over at Studio DIY you can find the full instructions to make this gorgeous fairy!  She’s suitable for a gift to the fairy lover in your family, as an ornament for the tree (if you make her a little smaller) or as a fun decoration anywhere this holiday season.

Needle Felted Fairy Waldorf Inspired Felted Fairy Wool - Etsy Australia | Felt fairy, Valentine fairy, Needle felting

Here’s an idea from Pinterest

Not only that but once you master making a doll this way the sky is the limit, you can create any human figure using these instructions and a bit of imagination!

Here’s the link to make your own gorgeous fairy!

Non Finished Diy Swing Fairy Girl Women Wool Needle Felt Kit Lovely Handmade Toy Doll Home Decor Material Package Kit For Kids - Felt Diy Package - AliExpress

You could put her on a swing!

I loved the unique point of difference with these instructions, she winds yarn over the wire to start with, then fibre on top which gives a great finish.  There’s a quick little video overview to help you as well.

Non Finish Hot Ins Fantastic Pocket Dancing Doll Toy Handcraft Fairy Wool Needle Felting Material Bag Kit DIY Gift For Birthday - AliExpress Home & Garden

Once you master the techniques I bet you could make anything!

I hope you will enjoy this one!

Happy Felting


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