Needle Felting Amazing Hands for your Dolls

How to Needle Felt Doll Hands with Armature - YouTube

Have you been sculpting realistic dolls?  Often it’s the hands that prove to be the hardest part, because getting them right can really finish your doll of nicely!

If you haven’t heard of Living Felt then now is the time!  This company has been around, supplying gorgeous fibers, needles and more for a number of year!  Marie Spaulding also does regular videos on Youtube to teach you how to do many projects that are fiber based including wet felting clothing and useful items.

This tutorial is part of a series of free videos teaching you how to needle felt a doll.  You can also purchase the ‘kit’ of supplies to work along with her in the videos!  Here is the link to the supplies for you to check out!  Doll Supply Kit

Needle Felting Doll Kit - Supplies for Free Tutorial |

In this tutorial, you will earn how to make hands that look well proportioned, realistic and are strong enough to hold onto objects which would make them really useful in a project.

Marie does a great job and teaching step by step and showing you up close how each finger is done, how to use the wire and the best way to get the shape of your hands.

If you love this tutorial I’m sure you will enjoy her other ones too, I highly recommend them.  They are done in real time so you don’t miss a thing!

Happy felting!


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