Our Beginning

Welcome to CraftConnect!

Linda and her CraftsThis website was originally created by a crafter named Linda from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Her idea was to create a craft mall where local crafters could sell their homemade products in her store. She charged 10% of the sale to sustain her business model.

Linda was married to Bob who enjoyed woodworking. Linda enjoyed silk flowers and making all types of arrangements – together, they called their business “Silks N Wood” they set out to build their business together.

The time period was the early 1990’s and Linda heard about this thing called the “internet” and she was determined to be a part of it. She maintained the craft business but also set out to create an Internet Service Provider (ISP) business – she was way ahead of her time.

The Good Ole Days

Those were the days of Windows 3.1 and 14.4 kbs dial up modems but she was determined and she sold access to the Internet to local customers via modem. She wanted to take her craft business to the Internet so she registered CraftConnect.com and did her best to create a presence. Unfortunately, the software available for an online store was limited so she set about looking for web based developers to help her in her quest – due to prohibitive costs, she never quite reached her goals.

Technology changed and her ISP had to shut down due to the startup of cable modems. Life took her in various directions that made CraftConnect implausible but she still made a go at it with online stores. She continued selling her silks and started creating her own jewelry which she sold online. Sadly, she passed a few years ago but her dream continues, through me – my name is Rob and I am Linda’s son.

My goal at CraftConnect is to create the best online marketplace for crafters and those who enjoy to create with their own hands and their own unique talents. Whether it’s jewelry, or music or beer, it you’re a crafter, this is your place to connect with others just like you!

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