Preparing your Fibres, an excellent resource.

Are you someone who has access to fleece?  Or perhaps just an urge to buy direct from the sheep and really make your fibres unique and personalised from the first wash to the colour and then the final use in your creations.

Knowledge is certainly power and knowing the best fibres, techniques and tools will help you have successful outcomes when you have a go at sourcing and preparing your own fibres.

How to choose a fleece for handspinning |

Over at I found a great article on just that, and not only does it have some great ideas and introduces things you may not have been aware of, but it points you to even more great resources.  Some are books to purchase but some are amazing free articles and pdfs available to you right now.

Alpaca Fleece . . . . Now What? : 10 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

I’m really impressed with this page and do recommend you have a look and see if this might be something you can do for yourself.  You can find the link to this article here:

Happy felting!


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