Printable Gratitude Worksheets for Kids

This great collection of gratitude printables gives kids of all ages (and adults!) a chance to reflect on what they’re thankful for.

Meaningful Mama has produced a set of nine printables to be used with kids to talk about gratitude and where they can draw or write about things they are grateful for.

There’s an alphabet printable where kids can list something they’re thankful for with every letter of the alphabet. Another asks them to name something to be thankful for each day of the week. There’s a journal page and a drawing page, as well as a game with questions about gratitude that kids can answer.

These are great printables to use at home or with a small group of kids where you can talk about the meaning of Thanksgiving and different things we can all be thankful for.

Grab the printables from Meaningful Mama.

[Photo: Meaningful Mama.]


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