Realistic Felt Flowers, Parts 1 and 2

Realistic Felt Flowers tutorial

Have you always wanted to make gorgeous flowers that will last and last?  Even more, do you want them to be super realistic?  Well this is the page for you, I am so impressed with the amount of knowledge, instruction and gorgeous photos over on the page.

They have compiled a huge amount of information from Astrid of @treehousefeltflowers and she gives you so many hot tips and tricks you will be making these amazing creations in no time!

Taking inspiration from nature, and using so many different styles of product, technique and design, there is a lot to learn here.  Primarily using store bought felt of a high quality you could certainly make these using your own wet felted creations and also use needle felting to shape and sculpt.

Coloring with watercolors

I followed Astrid back to her personal website and found even more wonderful inspiration.  She doesn’t have any tutorials there but there is the page I’ll link here which goes over where she started making flowers, the succulent is apparently the gateway flower! 🙂  Her work is amazing!

Realistic felt flowers tutorial

Once you have worked your way through part 1 you might be wondering where part 2 is, but I have it right here for you, just click this link!

I hope you enjoy this impressive pair of blog posts, so much to learn and work into your current skill set!  And as I always say, we can learn something new every day!

Happy felting!


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