Rose Bouquet Cross Stitch Pattern

Whether for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday, wouldn’t it be great to give that special someone some roses that won’t wilt? Or stitch them for yourself as a reminder even in the depths of winter than things will bloom again someday soon?

This cross stitch pattern features a half dozen roses in various stages of bloom, complete with long stems and leaves, and maybe even a few thorns for even more reality.

The pattern is from DMC and measures about 9.25 by 7 inches when stitched (that’s 23.5 by 18.5 centimeters). It calls for 14 count fabric.

It uses 12 colors to make the different shades of the roses, leaves and stems. This would be so pretty stitched as a pillow, or just frame it and make it a wall hanging so you can always have flowers to look at when you need them.

Though this is a pretty detailed (and large) design, it is suitable for new stitchers who are ready for a larger project.

This free pattern can be downloaded (signing up for a free account is required) from LoveCrafts. Check out their beginner’s guide to cross stitch if you need help with any of the basics before you get started on this pattern.

If you need help keeping track of where you are in the pattern, since it is rather large and takes up two pages, You can use these hints from Stitched Modern. Knowing where the center of the pattern is when you start is super helpful, and using tools like highlighter tape or a magnet board to mark where you are can help you keep track and know where you need to start the next time you start stitching.

[Photo via LoveCrafts.]


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