Sewing Angel Christmas Ornament

The Jim Shore Heartwood Creek collection’s “Sewing Angel

” hanging ornament combines conventional themes with folk art patterns.

My grandma was my angel. She was always there to help when I needed it, and she would always make me feel better.

This Angel ornament is perfect for anyone who has lost a loved one this holiday season. It is made of resin. I hope that everyone who sees it will be able to feel a little bit of comfort and joy in knowing that my grandma is still with them in spirit. If you would like to buy this ornament, you can find it on I hope that you will choose to buy it and that your holiday season will be a little bit brighter because of it.

The historic craft of embroidery and the outstanding ladies who perform it are shown.
Handcrafted in high-quality stone resin, this angel is captured in stunning hand-painted detail.
3.5-inch tall (8.9 cm)

I know that my grandma would have loved this ornament. I hope that you will too.


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