Shrink Plastic Backpack Charms

My daughter goes back to school this week, and while I’m a little sad about it I know she’s going to have a lot of fun seeing her friends and learning new things again. Whether your summer is almost over or you’ve still got a ways to go, there’s probably still time to decorate your kiddo’s backpacks with some shrink plastic backpack charms.

Artsy Fartsy Mama has a tutorial for doing this using a plastic takeout box as the plastic, but if you have shrink plastic sheets in your house of course you can use those, too.

Kids can draw their own designs (or I love this idea for using coloring pages to make charms from Jennifer Perkins), color them in and shrink them down in no time at all. Remember to seal them with Mod Podge or another sealant to make sure the colors stay where you want them when they’re done.

Check out the post on Artsy Fartsy Mama for all the details.

[Photo: Artsy Fartsy Mama.]


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