Sola Wood Flowers – What Are They And What’s All The Craze?

If you’re on the wedding side of the internet right now, you’ve probably heard of Sola Wood flowers. But what are they exactly? Well, that’s what I’m here for.

Sola Wood Flowers is a company based in Utah, USA, which sells an alternative to traditional flowers. They are made out of the renewable wood of a marshy plant (Shola) and are completely eco-friendly, sustainable, and last forever. The flowers look pretty much real to the naked eye. Another added bonus is that the flowers are allergen-free, durable, and can be made to stick to any surface. They are also low-maintenance and budget-friendly.

Sola Wood Floral Designs | Wood & Word Blooms

Source: Wood and Word Blooms

The flowers can be bought already painted if you know your color scheme or can be purchased ready to paint – a perfect way to DIY and match your wedding color palette yourself.

Pricing is fairly cheap and the ability to do it yourself saves stacks!

The verdict: Go for it! Check their site out here.


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