Time to think about Easter! Wet felted Easter Egg Tutorial!

Decorated Easter Eggs

Yes it’s actually that time again ALREADY!!  I was sitting here trying to decide what we should have a chat about today and realised our next big event for the year is Easter and it’s actually less than 2 months away!  This year Easter falls in the middle of April and we will soon hit March!  So lets make a nice early start on those Easter projects for your family and friends!

My first project this year is a wet felted one, because it’s super hard to find wet felting projects right?  And the beauty of this is that the beginner can do it because you aren’t undertaking a massive project that will take you months of work, these little guys can be as extra as you want.  And you can also finish them off with some needle felting if you wanted to!

Easter Egg Decorated with Felted Sheep Wool

These eggs are done over a plastic egg, you could also use Styrofoam if you had those available.  You can also turn these into little vessels!  Because you are felting them over something hard, if you felt them really well, you can cut them open and create little containers to add other felted critters to or pop some sweets or decorations in.  Check out these inspirational items!

FREE Wet Felting Tutorial: Wet Felt Easter Eggs PDF

Erma Gerd!!  That’s super sweet, and check out the little button toggles to keep it closed on the green and pink one!  Love the blanket stitching to finish the raw edges off on these ones from Living Felt.

22 Adorable Needle Felted Easter Decorations | Needle felted bunny, Easter toys, Felt bunny

This one is just cut open in the front so the lil guy can pop his head out.  This would be a sweet idea for toddlers to carry around a few treats or toys in so that they don’t keep falling out.

Easy needle felt egg cosies - Gathered

Or maybe you cut them completely in half and make these gorgeous egg warmers!  I kinda love that they have eggs on the top! 🙂  This would easily be achieved with needle felting!

Nozomi Crafts: Spring is coming - needle felted Easter eggs and bird nests

This might be the sweetest idea!  You could cut away a portion of the egg, felt it some more to create this rounded hollow then decorate!  Love the wood rounds to keep these standing upright as well!  For the basic tutorial click here and learn how to make a wet felted Easter egg with Fibre Artsy!

Well this is just the start of our Easter Season of projects, we are going to have so many ideas I’m sure you’ll love!  Stay tuned for more excellent tutorials and ideas to keep you busy right up till Good Friday! 🙂

Happy Felting!


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