Use All Your Yarn Scraps on This Great Cardigan Knitting Pattern

I am perpetually trying to use up all my little leftover yarn bits. I also have a goal to knit a sweater every month this year (well, or crochet, as I’m working on my first-ever crocheted sweater this month). But I don’t feel like I have a sweater quantity of anything, so I have to figure out ways to use odd balls and leftovers to make it look like they are meant to go together.

Bohemian Scrapsody is a great example of how to use leftovers to make a cohesive looking project. Designed by Winter’s Weather Knits, this oversized cardigan fully embraces the mixed-up look by having you hold multiple strands of yarn together as you knit.

It comes out to a worsted weight kind of gauge, which you can get with a DK and a sport weight yarn held together, or mix and match as you need to use the stash you have. Of course you’re also changing colors whenever you need to, and the reverse stockinette side becomes the front, which mixes it up even more.

You can make the ribbed edges and cuffs all in one color if you want for a more cohesive look, or leave it all scrappy.

The project is designed to have 4-6 inches of positive ease and comes in nine sizes, up to a 63.5 inch chest circumference. It doesn’t include buttonholes but you could add some of you wanted to.

The pattern is suitable for advanced beginners with knowledge of working flat and in the round, short rows, Kitchener stitch, mattress stitch and picking up stitches. The pattern also uses an Italian bind off and includes a tutorial for that technique if you’ve never done it before. 

This cardigan has a sweet boho look and will definitely help you to use up all those little odd balls! You can get the pattern on Ravelry.

[Photo: Winter’s Weather Knits.]


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