Valentine’s Day Puzzles and Projects for Kids

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day projects than can be used as valentines or decor for the holiday, here are a few fun options. They incorporate some fun STEM concepts like pattern making, logical thinking and secret codes. These are great for elementary kids to make and use for cards or classroom decoration.

This printable tanagram project from the Gingerbread House is an easy one for kids to color, cut out the shapes and arrange them into a heart shape. These can be used to make cards, or make a banner or bunting for the classroom out of everyone’s designs.

Practice computational thinking while you craft this resist art patchwork heart from Our Family Code. The post explains the challenge (and what computational thinking means) and how to make this pretty project using supplies you probably already have at home or in the classroom.

Add a secret code to your valentines with crayon and watercolor, as shown in this post from Inspirations Laboratories via Red Ted Art. The post also includes information about how to make a secret code if you want to add another layer of fun to your creations.

Looking for more fun Valentine’s Day projects? These printable bookmarks are cute and can be used as valentines either colored in or not. And speaking of Red Ted Art, she’s got a lot of great easy valentines ideas you can try as well.


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