Valentines in Different Languages for Kids to Print or Make

I was looking at different Valentines that kids can print or make the other day, and I came across a set of printable Spanish language valentines, which would be so cute for a Spanish teacher to give out, or just for a kiddo who wants to do something unique for this fun day of love.

My daughter has been in a Spanish class since kindergarten so we definitely could have used these (or a teacher could have!) at some point in her school career.

You can find these printable Spanish valentines at Lorena y Lennox. She also has printable flashcards with Spanish Valentine’s Day vocabulary.

Finding these inspired me to poke around a little more for valentines using different languages. I also found printable valentines in French from the Yellow Birdhouse. These, too, are great for kids learning French or someone who wants to add a little something extra fancy to their greetings.

If your kids are more into DIY valentines, how about making valentine with the sign for I love you on them? These are pretty easy to do and would be fun for parents or grandparents because you can trace the child’s hand and have an accurate sizing of what their hand looked like that year. Get the instructions from Taming Little Monsters.

If you want to make your own valentines in different languages, here are some handy phrases in Italian and German, too! It’s so fun to add another language to your celebrations and help everyone learn something new.


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