Ways to Use Plastic Easter Eggs in Learning Activities

Of course bunnies aren’t just for Easter, but this time of year is a great time to bring in some learning activities with a rabbit theme. Check out these fun bunny learning activities for kids and use them to bring a little springtime fun to the classroom or your learning at home.

These printable bunny shape mats from Fun a Day are great to use with playdough, or you can use little items like erasers or little pompoms to “trace” the shapes. Or check out all the Easter themed playdough mats from Printables Fairy if you want some different options, including decorating Easter eggs and adding ears to the bunny.

Happy Toddler Playtime’s bunny stick wall is a pretty quick and easy project that will keep kids entertained for a long time. This blog also has a great collection of Easter bunny crafts and activities if you’re looking for a project or two to try.

Play with bunnies and learn shapes with these bunny shape stick cards from A Blog from the Pond. Use craft sticks to make bunnies in the shapes shown on the cards. There are 52 cards with all kinds of different shapes, which you can see on the blog and purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers.

This bunny hop game from Teaching Littles is great for gross motor skill development (also known as getting kids up and moving through the day). The bunnies are numbered so it also includes counting. You could add a sequencing element like hop on one, step on two, or hop on one foot or both feet.

The Feed the Bunny ten frame activity from Stay at Home Educator is a fun way to work on counting. These bunnies have dots on the ten frame on their bellies and you match them to the carrot with the same number on it. This is a free printable activity.

And if you want to add a little STEM fun to your Easter bunny play, check out the cute jumping bunny cup experiment from MomBrite. Kids can decorate their cups to look like bunnies, then have a jumping contest!

Here are 10 funny Easter Bunny jokes to tell the kids.

Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road? To get to the Easter egg side!
How does the Easter Bunny stay in shape? By doing lots of egg-cercise!
Why did the Easter Bunny hide his eggs? Because he didn’t want anyone to know he was a chicken!
What do you call a mischievous Easter Bunny? A hare-raiser!
Why was the Easter Bunny so grumpy? He had a bad hare day!
What do you get when you cross the Easter Bunny with a kangaroo? A hoppy Easter!
How does the Easter Bunny paint all those eggs? He hires a good eggs-terior decorator!
Why did the Easter Bunny refuse to eat carrots? Because he was already too hoppy!
How does the Easter Bunny stay organized? He uses a hare-brained scheme!
What do you call the Easter Bunny the day after Easter? Tired!


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