Wet Felt a Cobweb Scarf!

Cobweb felting can look a little intimidating!  Even if you have tried wet felting a scarf before, these super fine, elegant scarves and wraps appear next level when it comes to creating something so delicate looking.

But check out this very thorough tutorial from Fibre Curious!  So much information and many tips and tricks are shared so that you can create your own Cobweb scarf and be super proud of the results.

Scrub the felt gently at first, move the felt back and forth

I’m not going to tell you this is a quick and easy project, but it’s definitely something you can work through and, by the time you are done, have a wonderful scarf to wear or share!

Check out the tutorial here!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, even if you just read it through I know you will learn some great tips to use in your usual felting routine!

Happy felting!


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