Wet Felt Your Own Beret! Free Photo Tutorial from New Zealand!

In my search for wet felting tutorials that create more than a flat sheet of felting, today I came across this awesome, well document tutorial, from a New Zealand website!  Which is funny because I’m in New Zealand and I don’t think I’ve seen any tutorials from here before today!  I found it over at This is Life. NZ!

So how about making a beret of your own?  You can choose your own colour, size, weight etc.  You can decorate it if you want to, create a colour combination just for you, or for a beret loving friend!  It’s a lot of work but totally worth it!

If you’ve been looking to buy or make a beret I hope you will have a good look through this page and check out what you need, how it’s done, and realise you really can make your own gorgeous fashion accessory and probably start today as you already have what you need to do it!

I love that you can follow along and the photos are so clear and easy to see what’s happening next.

So find that bubble wrap you’ve been saving, get into your stash and put a few colours together, then carve out some time to really get stuck into creating this gorgeous item as soon as you can!

You will find the link to the tutorial here!

Happy felting!


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