Wet Felted Valentines Cushion Tutorial!

A wet felted heart and a red rose for Valentine's Day.

Have you been finding it hard to discover valentines themed projects this year?  Me too, there’s not much out there, especially for the wet felter!  This one is a project with a difference so I hope you really like it!

The creator of this little project doesn’t pull any punches when she lets you know this one wasn’t easy, it didn’t even go right the first time, but learning from mistakes, whether your own or someone elses, is a great teacher!


Over at Felt Magnet, you will get the full step by step tutorial, including a great idea for making the template and sewing this entire piece together!  She gives you a great way to fix the tricky issue that arises but you can also read through before you work and figure out how you could do it better, and not have anything to correct at all!

An awesome project and a lovely gift to give at the end.

If you love wet felting then this one is for you, I hope you have a wonderful Valentines whatever you do.

Happy felting!


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