Wet Felting and Kool Aid Dying! A great tutorial for all ages!

I hadn’t been felting for long before I wanted to try my hand at making colours of my own!  Over here in New Zealand it’s not so easy to get your hands on something like Kool Aid but I managed to find some eventually and had a total blast experimenting with it!

Often for a beginner, you end up with a whole bunch of the cheaper undyed wools but find that the things you want to make would be much better in all sorts of exciting colours.  You c an also find that you might have a specific colour you really want but no one seems to sell it!  Dying your own fibres allows you to just buy white or light coloured fibres if you want to, then dye them yourself to your own liking!

In this tutorial you will learn how to wet felt basic beads, but you also learn how to dye these little guys and check out how rich the colours are!  The lesson takes you through dying the balls once felted, but if you wanted to you could follow the same instructions and dye up a bunch of unfelted fibre for use later on!

This is a total two for one, learn how to wet felt beads and learn how to dye in small batches!  A great little page for the beginner or anyone who has wanted to experiment with dying their own wools but was a bit intimidated by the process!  I’m convinced you’ll love it once you give it a try!

Head over to ArtThreads to find the tutorial they created in such detail, you can’t go wrong!

Happy felting!


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