Wet felting projects for Halloween!

Do you just love getting your hands wet in the name of creativity?  I think you will love these fun projects for Halloween then!

How about a Wet Felted Pumpkin?

What I love about this video is how the teacher does this with her children, you can see how easy it is and yet they all get great results!  She begins with a kit but you don’t need anything special to make this above what you would normally use for your wet felting!  Great for beginners and kids!

How about some wet felted Snakes??  I just love this project, another one you can do with the kids but also a great beginner project to really get you used to working with fibre and give you ideas for your next project!  Marie is a wonderful teacher so you can felt along with confidence as she shows you every step!

How fun are these?  You could make them any colours and sizes you wanted and they can be wrapped around all sorts of things for your decorating needs!  The kids could even wear them around their wrists as a hissy little Halloween pet!

Felt Snake | Etsy

We’ve shared this project before, but a wet felted mask for Halloween just seems right doesn’t it?

Wet Felted Mask Instructions

These instructions are game changers for the beginner wet felter, especially those wanting to make 3d objects.  The website provides so much information and is full of tips and tricks.  Then you can follow through with the video!  A spooky witch mask or you could even do a full face mask of anything you like!

It’s not long now till Halloween so whether you’re staying in or heading out I hope you will have fun creating for this fun time of year!  You’ve still got time to order some purples, greens and oranges for your next Halloween project!!

Happy Felting Everyone!


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