Why not add Needle Felting to your New Years Resolution?

Gretel Parker teaches needle felting.

Have you been dabbling with needle felting or perhaps bought a kit and not started it yet?  Maybe you have just heard about this craft and wondered if it might be for you.  I think today’s find is going to be perfect for you.

Sasha Squirrel | Sasha Squirrel, needle felted. | Gretel Parker | Flickr

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Gretel Parker is one of the most well known needle felters, and in my opinion she makes some of the most unique and well made felted creations out there.  She has published a few books and has quite an eclectic style that appeals to many.

Search Press | Little Needle-Felt Animals by Gretel Parker

To learn from Gretel would be a life goal for me, so imagine my extreme joy when I came across this very in-depth article/tutorial from Gretel which is free for anyone to use!

In the article she goes through all the information you could possibly need, from felting surfaces to needle holders and everything in between.  You can find the answers to those burning questions that have kept you back from getting started or progressing in this fun, versatile craft.  Plus, once you have gone through this starter tutorial you will find a few other projects by Gretel, just click on her name link and it will take you to them!

I highly recommend the Tropical Birds project as it has a great step by step and you learn not only to make a fun Flamingo, but also a Toucan and a Macaw!

Beginner's guide to needle felting, how to make needle felted birds

Check out Gathered at the link here to find the page!

You won’t regret the time you spend using these resources, and as I always say, you never stop learning so even if you’ve been felting for a while, get over there and check out what Gretel has to offer.

Happy Felting!


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