Wondering what the different types of felting are? Read on!

Different Felting Techniques — Star Magnolias

Felting has been almost an emerging art over the last few years, from wet felting to dry felting and everything in between, there’s a lot of options.  And some bright spark is always coming up with a new technique or combination of mediums to use together!  This week I’ve come across this great read which I thought you might be interested in too.  (see link below)

This compilation of information on each of these felting techniques covers 5 different techniques which I’m sure you will find interesting!  Even if you already ‘wrote the book’ on one technique you might find there is something here that you can incorporate into your current craft with great success!

I know I learned of a new technique I hadn’t heard of before called Artfelt, which may actually just be a trademark but the idea is really interesting and opens the door to more creative invention!  I loved this photo I found which would be perfect to create using this technique!

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I’m a firm believer that we never stop learning, so after almost 20 years of needle felting I’m always excited to find out something new that I can incorporate into my work.  Our craft can be constantly evolving and changing, it’s often really interesting to look back over the years at all the things you have created and see yourself growing and changing.  Often we can revisit on old project and reinvent it with the skills we have learned since we first tried it.

Visit Star Magnolias here to check out the article and find out more for yourself.


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